Artificial Intelligence and Storytelling


This backstage site lists the Colaboratory notebooks for the Edinburgh Future's Institute class Artificial Intelligence and Storytelling (EFIE11141, EFIE11142).

The course invites students to play with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to create and tell stories, using image and text. The AI technology is seen as a tool that can both generate new ideas and complement those of a person, while also acting as a potential bridge for collaboration between people. Starting from no technical background, the student will learn how AI, and especially Machine Learning, functions along with its strengths and limitations. With a combination of hands-on experience, workshops on creative storytelling, and invited lectures from experts in the diverse areas on AI and its application for creating stories, we will prepare students for a creative career with AI, participating in AI projects, or starting on a more technical path.



Class Workshops




This section has notebooks which contain cutting edge experiments which you can use for creative purposes. Please note that we can't necessarily provide technical support for these notebooks, but feel free to email us about it—we just can't guarantee an (timely) answer.